Payroll Giving is a way for staff to make a regular donation to Able Foundation through their pay, and change lives of people with learning disabilities. Donations are deducted from employees’ salaries before tax, making it an incredibly tax-efficient way of giving to Able Foundation.

Regular donations – like those from people who are signed up to Payroll Giving – are the best way to support Able Foundation. It means we have a reliable income we can count on, so we can plan long-term projects which help people with learning disabilities in all sphere of their life.

What’s in it for me?

Business benefits

  • Allows your employees to donate to their chosen charity in a simple and tax effective way.
  • Employees will see your business as more supportive and caring.
  • Boosts staff morale and motivation – aiding retention and recruitment.
  • Enhances your business’s charitable giving with little effort or cost to the employer.
  • Enhances your social responsibility and community investment programmes.
  • Allows you to monitor the level of charitable giving that your company has helped achieve.
  • Any administration costs involved are tax deductible.
  • It is really easy to set up a Payroll Giving scheme.

Staff benefits

  • Payroll Giving is a tax-efficient and simple way to give.
  • There is no limit on the size of the gift.
  • It is easy and convenient, coming straight from the pay packet.
  • There is no need to worry about Direct Debits or Standing Orders – just complete one simple authorisation form.
This table shows how tax effective it is for your employees to give through their pay.


How do I get started? Employer

Register your business with a
Payroll Giving Agency (PGA).
Payroll Giving must be administered through an HMRC-registered PGA. For contact details of registered PGAs see the end of this booklet. Your chosen PGA will advise you on the best way to set up.
Since the PGA takes on most of the administration, they will deduct a small fee from each donation to cover this – usually around 4%.

If there are any questions that your chosen PGA can’t answer, have a look at:

What records do I need to keep?

  • A copy of your contract with the Payroll Giving gency.
  • The forms completed by your employees, authorising you to make deductions from their pay.
  • A record of the deductions made from each employee’s pay.
  • Receipts from the Payroll Giving Agency.

Promoting the scheme

The more you do to promote the scheme the more successful it will be.
  • Show your real commitment to the scheme – think about matching your staff’s donations or at least covering the Payroll Giving Agency’s administration costs.
  • Make sure employees know about the scheme – find someone to act as your Payroll Giving champion to promote the scheme and enthuse your staff about it.
  • Have a promotional day – get your staff to talk about their favourite charities.
  • Give all your staff a Payroll Giving form.
  • Thank staff for signing up
  • Include Payroll giving in your employee induction pack

Payroll giving agencies

Charities Trust

Suite 22, Century Building,
Brunswick Business Park,
Tower Street, Liverpool L3 4BJ
Phone: 0151 284 5129
Fax: 0151 286 2360

Charitable Giving

Union Mine Road, Pitts Cleave,
Tavistock,Devon PL19 09W
Phone: 01822 611 181
Fax: 01822 618 718

Charities Aid Foundation

25 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill,
West Malling, Kent ME19 4TA
Phone: 03000 123 000
Fax: 03000 123 001

For other agencies see

To find out how we’re currently helping people learning disability improve the quality of lives, have a look at
Payroll Giving
Payroll giving is an easy and tax-effective way to support Able Foundation.

Payroll gifts are deducted via your payslip before tax and therefore the actual cost to you is just 80p for every £1 that we receive, or if you are a higher rate tax payer, just 60p.

For example:


To set up your payroll gift please complete our payroll giving form online and return it to us online. Alternatively print and send the completed form to us.
For more information about Payroll Giving please email :

Click here to download and complete payroll giving form